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To Whom It May Concern

The world is running down
And the world is running up the tab
and the escalator of life
in brand new Nikes
And the world is running like mad
to apprehend the other worlds
And the world is off and running
the New York State Thruway
and Miami International
and the NBC Nightly News
and is demanding equal time
And the world is still running
the Second Continental Congress
somewhere in the fourth dimension
And the world is endlessly re-running
the Maltese Falcon
and Nixon's White House tapes
And sooner or later the world's petroleum pipe dream
is going to run out
the back door
and not come home for the night
And the world is always and forever running out
of time
and chanel #5
and red dye No. 19
and heroes to send to the front lines
And the world runs all the stop signs
and red light districts
without serious interruption
and the Kentucky Derby and Miss America
are also in the running
And the world is sparing itself no sorrow
as it winds down
the double-helix DNA staircase
And the world's grandfather atomic clock
lights out!  lights out America!
also needs daily winding
as the world runs down
the long and winding road
yeah yeah yeah

The world is the one went down with the Titanic
and is only now coming up for air
And the world has set a new world's record
in the undersea world of Jacques Cousteau
And the world inflates its precious ego
and all the life preservers
And the world caulks the doors and windows
on the space shuttle
for the coming deluge
And the world is moving to a higher plane
as the polar icecaps melt down
and the nuclear reactors too
And the world floats a supernatural loan
on the eurodollar market
to help finance the coming revolution of hope
And the world lowers the boom
and its expectations
and the reproductive rates lowers
along with the windowshades
And the world raises the ante
and its t-shirt
and sends the cost of living through the ceiling

The world is kicking out all the stopgates and watergates
And the world is flooding with newspaper print
the Boston Globe to the New Delhi Times
And the world dams up the libido
to write A Streetcar Named Desire
and the Nile River is also dammed
though not without redemption
to light up night-time Cairo
and the streetcafes of Tel Aviv
And the world parts its hair
and the Red Sea
to make way for its prophets and supertankers
And the world diverts attention
and the Colorado River
to bathe poor Los Angeles
And the world is rapidly getting to the point
of no return
and recyclable aluminum

The world has never regretted a single minute
until the invention of the wristwatch
and the elastic band
And the world is surely playing the electric keyboards
for keeps
And the world's greatest conductors
are copper wiring
and Leonard Bernstein at the Philharmonic

The world is looking for a clue
in the oily sludge at the bottom of Lake Erie
and with the help of the tarot
and in the men's room of the Greyhound
And the world strains over the Grand Canyon
and its credibility gaps
just to get a good look
And the world is finally getting the one world picture
with its telephoto lenses
and spy satellites
And the world turns on its celestial axis
and re-examines the fine print
with the electron microscope
And the world turns over a new leaf
and buries the hatchet
along with the toxic waste
And the world just turned and turned
the blindfolded fair lady of justice
and now
she doesn't even know which end is up
And the world is forever turning over
its best looking men
And world turns for comfort
and sometimes
there is a place to lay its weary head
And the world turns on with the four seasons
and the temptations
and the world's still gravitating to the beat
of the motown rock n roll
motorcity to moscow
And the world turns down the geothermostats
for the nuclear winter
And the world turns up
in the most god-forsaken situations
and goes for the panic button
and the smelling salts
And the world goes for all the gusto
and a very decent return on its foreign investments
And the world always pays lip service
with hard cold American cash
And the third world's cheap labor
may be up for grabs
but the true day of reckoning is not yet at hand
and the fingers can still do the walking
through the Pentagon's yellow pages
And the fourth world's coming around
the final stretch
and is behind by 16 lengths
as is its colonial legacy
And the industrialized world leads
by 500 points in the dow jones
And the whole world sounds the alarm
and rides away
on Paul Revere's horse
and this is what is commonly known as Progress

The world is blasting its way
into the genetic warehouse
and is making off with all the loot
And the world is frightening
all the bacteria
and caribou
out of their habitats
and their natural wits
And the world has no more sacred cows
but the whooping crane is holy
and its species-life must not be taken in vain

The world is sending weird messages
into deep space
in hopes of a quick reply
at the speed of light or better
And the world is sending up even stranger
mushroom-shaped smoke signals
to who knows where
And the world is wringing its hands
and all the doorbells
asking for support
And the world props up one strong arm
and all the dictators it can afford
And the world is about to deliver
the coup d'etat
the Philippines to South Africa's Presidential Palace
and UPS
and the MX missile
are also here to deliver the goods
And the world now addresses itself
to whom it may concern
is not leaving a forwarding address
And the world packs it in
and overloads the VW bus
and the circuits of the frontal lobes of the brain
are also overloaded
And the world is back in the driver's seat
and the electric chair
And the world as it is is a massive power failure
of the global imagination

The world is adhering to its political labels
with a sticky red human substance
And the world injects its propaganda serum
into the body politic
and catches a nasty cold in the head
And the world congests its own vision
the Transamerica building to the Tokyo Ramada Inn
And the world fogs up all the windows
with the internal combustion engine
And the world rusts away
in its tin can alleys
and at the terrestrial edges
from the acid rain
that will not stop falling
And the world makes its complaints known
in all the parliaments
and bathhouses
And the world is a great nudist colony
fumbling for the invisible zipper
And the world makes an indecent proposition
and backs it up with a lifetime guarantee
And the world slips by
and sometimes shows up in drag
and always sends another invitation

The world is a monstrous truth detector test
And the world sweats it out
in the bottom of the ninth
with all the military bases loaded
And the world reloads the dice everyday
into its B-52 bombers
And the world gives the green light
and rolls down the final window
and steps on the nuclear accelerator
and pulls out in its 1958 Chevrolet
with the radio blasting
the emergency broadcast rumba
And the world is begging for mercy
and the bathroom key
and the key to everyone's affections
And the world makes a wish on a falling star
and calls in all the extras from Hollywood
including the President Reagan

The world is blowing the whistle on the CIA
and the humpback whales are spouting off
off the coast of Massachusetts
And the world has an opinion about everything
And the world is a gigantic windbag
of hot air
and helium balloons
advertising miller time
And the world is going to hell
on a six lane highway
at the taxpayers' expense
And the world is on its way
to a speedy recovery
in its motorized wheelchair
And the world is out on the streets again
And the world is up against the wall
without a swiss franc in its pocket
And the world couldn't give two cents
and is always asking for spare change
And the world holds on to its own
against the other world
in the great tug of war and peace
And the world loses its grip
And the world tightens its stranglehold
on the poor
And the world is back and forth
with the tidal sway, the ping pong diplomacy,
the Fred Astaire and the Baryshnikov

The world is keeping the dogs at bay
on very expensive yachts
And the world continues just like before
to let the fat cats
out of the bag
and off the hook
And the world is about to disconnect
the answering service
And the world weighs the consequences
along with the nuclear throwweights
of the superpowers
And the world is counting down
the half-lives
of plutonium and strontium-90
and all the lives that have yet to be lived
and is checking it twice
And the world is putting its final affairs
in disorder
And the world is tying up the loose ends
along with its political prisoners
who now number upwards of five billion
And the world seriously considers
posting the bail
And the world meanwhile beefs up its security forces
on the same awful universal gym
And the world pads the expense accounts
and the prison cells
and breaks out
the champagne
And the whole world is falling out
because it's a holiday somewhere
And the world used to be a gas
but is now more properly called a heavenly body
And the world never goes by what it used to be called
the last time around
it just keeps on going
And the world is picking up speed
and dropping lysergic acid
And the world goes into sexual overdrive
and bypasses its next cardiac arrest
on the Santa Monica Boulevard
And the world is a magic mushroom carpet ride
at no extra cost to the consumer
other than waking up in the morning
And the world rises in the morning
with a song from a throat
as wide as the Amazon

                                                 San Francisco 1984-1985


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