"The heart that seeks something, I release it to the sea"
- Ozaki Hosai


Joseph Lee Rykiel and Karen Kleinschmidt-Rykiel

Lea Tammi

Steven Walenta and Deborah Gussman

David Robertson

John Crowley and Suzanne Leks-Crowley

Kate Tyler and Roland Wall

Max von Strandtman

Jill Itzkowitz

Nels and Debbie J'Anthony

Thomas Lamar and Tim Tonnesen


The Day After    page 1
Poem Against the Reagan Administration    page 2
At a Rally in Washington Against the Draft    page 2
America Revisited    page 3
Poems for a Small Place to Rest    page 4page 5   page 6
What He Would Not Tell Him    page 7
Waking Poem    page 7
Moon    page 7
Laborers    page 7
Spring 1980    page 7
Lebanon 1982    page 8
As the Latin American War Approaches    page 8
Poem for Immediate Disarmament    page 8
To Whom It May Concern    page 9
Song of the Little Girl    page 10

To the second collection:

Poetry by Michael Mayo, Book II, The Book of Awakenings

All Fall Down  © Copyright 1987, 2000 by Michael Mayo.
All rights reserved.  All poetry appearing in these pages is protected under U.S. and International Copyright Laws and may not be reproduced, reprinted, re-transmitted or altered in any manner without the express written consent of the poet.

Some of these poems in All Fall Down appeared in the following: Coop. Antigruppo Siciliano (Italy), The Delaware Alternative Press, Dreamstreets, The James White Review, Kick It Over (Canada), Peace News (England), Peace or Perish: A Crisis Anthology, Practising Angels: A Contemporary Anthology of San Francisco Bay Area Poetry, and Tangent.

"America Revisited" was originally modeled after Allen Ginsberg's "America", found in Howl and Other Poems.  "Poem for Immediate Disarmament" was written after Robert Hershon's "The Minute Ago", which I read in Where is Vietnam? American Poets Respond

All Fall Down was originally published in paperback in 1987 in San Francisco, California.
ISBN: 0-932977-32-4
Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: 87-61185


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