Afternoon quiet -
        I gaze long and deep
into a pond that has no name

He keeps hearing the voice
that never leads him astray.
All praise to him
who follows his own heart.

our love is ordinary like bread or milk
this love that keeps us hungry and fills us at the same time

Whenever I go for a long walk,
        friends assume I'm looking for something
or other -
ah, there's the moon now!

So many daisies in a summer field
he loves me he loves me not he loves me
it's his kisses that I count on

How fond I am of the cool autumn night -
the Milky Way glows like the heart of someone in love

One was a rich man,
but he went away empty-handed.
If you can't figure it out for yourself,
what's to become of you?

It's nowhere at all, then
it's right in front of your face
Though you can't see or feel it,
still it touches you

the Rio Cuale upstream -
summer green spreads like wildfire
across the mountain ravine

Among the pines,
            far up the summer mountain -
the sound of the river below

For five days, no key
      in my neighbor's door -
where has he been?

Lone moon in an autumn sky -
          my shadow and I go out to take a walk

One blow after another
rains down on your head.
Though you curse to the high heavens,
the clouds won't part.

If you only want it with half your heart,
what's the use in trying?
Though you try to hold on to it,
it slips through your fingers.

The mosquito bite -
      I think of how
I argued with a friend

Look into your own heart -
Why go looking near and far for water
when there's a well in everyone's backyard

each time I write I doubt I'll ever be able to do
it again the moon tonight unlike any other

I'm the waterwheel that turns and turns
in the stream of our love,
the buckets that fill and pour out our happiness
and quench the thirst of whomever else happens along

This love has been yours ever since
my first thought of love.
The years before we met were the wine
in the cask waiting to be tested.

Listen friend you've got it all wrong
Wisdom's not to be found by searching
Don't go looking in the marketplace or
under that house of yours
It's sitting inside, quiet, a faithful guest
with its hands folded, patiently waiting
for you to come home and turn on the lights

Don't imagine for one moment
that I have forgotten you.
Does the sun forget to rise in the morning?
Does the tide not remember to return to its shore?

If you don't see me in your dreams, I'm not
                 to blame -
Hardly a night goes by when I don't go to sleep
                dreaming of you

What jeweller puts the jewel
to its test?
What acid truth etches its inscription
on your diamond heart?

They let themselves be hypnotized
by power and riches.
Fallen in their own trap,
what god or saint can set them free?

I know he will return,
but still I doubt his heart.
What can I do?
Each day I find I want him more.

oh no don't tell me you've found me out old faker
that I am without the real thing in my heart
all these words don't add up to fuck all

Wanting to have it as it used to be, regretting nothing
                 that has happened since -
I reflect on the past as if it were a mirror I hold
                 up before my eyes

There's no counting on this thing called love, as his
           heart changes like the colors of
the sky at sunset, and then is dark

oh foolish me falling for that young guy Rogelio his long
          black hair those full lips an ass that
would drive the gods crazy and a love-moan to wake
          the neighbors oh you should've heard him

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