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What is flows along in its secret channels.
Sometimes we are shallow and glib.
Other times we are in our deep element
and great banquet halls open before us.
Then we realize we are the guest of honor
and the beloved host.

Wanting you is something mysterious
like a day spent alone
wandering along a deserted shore, wondering,
where did all these footprints come from?

Make room for poetry
clear off your dressers
roll down the bedspreads
out with all those chatty books
and stale ideas
the magic words are about to begin

I won't be modest anymore
Our love has done away with all that
I go around the neighborhood
whispering love secrets to strangers
I spraypaint your name
on every doorstep that welcomes you

What I want is to taste again the flower
that blooms at the base of your spine.
We make things that never were
come back to life.

I thought my time had come to an end
You set these hands back in motion
One word from you, just say it,
and all the doors of my heart fly open

these silly love poems fuck them yes silly
they'll keep you up the whole night begging
                       for more

My love doesn't know how to be reasonable.
It goes banging its head against the wall
of your absence. When you return, you open
windows, and say, What a fine view you've had
while I was gone. Did you miss me?

                                    "Socrates....if you're serious....
                                      won't human life have to be
                                      turned completely upside-down."
                                                                           - Plato

This is how I see it:
butterflies turn into caterpillars,
ants hatch into eggs,
rain pelts the clouds,
the north wind blows from the south,
chickens raid the fox's den,
ocean bass swallow pelicans,
cherries ripen into blossoms,
zebras hunt down lions,
the morning sun rises in the west,
flames burst into wood,
self portraits paint their painters,
rabbits pull magicians out of their top hats,
horses ride their humans 'round the
           three ring circus,
clowns on tricycles break down and really cry,
tigers crack their whips and
the ring master jumps through
           one hoop of fire after another.
Friend, wake up,
and recognize your own life,
before somebody else has to do it over again.

No place left to wander
but my own heart -
even that gate is closing

Everywhere I look is the same amazing dawn
Dawn raises its cup to my lips
I won't stop drinking
until I'm drunk beyond recognition

I go on giving until I'm all used up
There's a hundred more of me to fill that one void
Don't think you've heard the last of it,
just because I haven't spoken in a month or two

find out but who to ask? which path to follow?
everywhere you look is the same bright mirror

Our eyes hear what the world has to say to us
Our ears see what's out on the road before us
Our feet get up in the middle of the night
and take us places we've always dreamed of

I'm drunk from this long looking into your eyes
I know these words aren't making any sense
Don't ask me how I got here,
or what we'll do when we get back

The clear energy flows where once was sadness and grief
Something moves what was immovable
I've given up all that ambition and dream
of being someone I'm not

the worlds go round and round our passion's like that
each heart-spool ever unreeling its one thread birth to death

to R. C.

It's not possible to go on like this
without you becoming part of me.
Your hair growing down to my shoulders.
My eyes seeing your face in the mirror.
Your heart, once again, inside this chest of mine.

I hunger and I thirst
and to see you
satisfies me

for J.B.

My friend's ashes coarse and dusty in my hand.
I pray for us both and toss part of him
             to the wind.
I lick my fingers clean.

In the morning the birds come
to eat and sing at the feeder.
If they knew what was in my heart,
they would not come so close by.

the heart so much horseshit
out of the muck one lotus blooms pure white

it's nothing but grief now I chase it away
it comes back on all fours I stroke my grief and talk
to it sweetly as it sits in my lap purring

I'm not the man I used to be make no mistake
about it he's gone to his grave good riddance
we won't see the likes of him again

Grateful, we give away everything we've ever been.
A new life comes flying towards us.
Don't close your eyes or turn away from this,
no matter how much your hair stands on end.

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