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he didn't see what was right in front of him
he kept walking past it the jewel of his own mind

I am always who I am, and
each time I see you, you're someone new.
This time, I hardly recognized your face.
You're in love.  I can tell by your
dishevelled hair, and that look in your eyes.
Don't deny it.  I've seen this kind of
madness before.  Reason flies out the window
as love walks in the door.

Your absence is presence
You move about the room, though
you are no longer here
Your words still fill the air, like sunlight
streaming in through the open window

The wind can not take the place
of my lover who does not come,
yet tonight, among the pines,
it is the only voice I hear

Crack the lock the lie has
on the heart's treasure chest -
dazzling, you've never seen such splendor!

In your winter, I'm spring
In your field, I'm the harvest
In your beauty, I'm your mirror
In your arms, I'm nowhere else

Time so short, poems so small
I chase after word after word
looking for a poem that'll have me for the night

one sorrow, two sorrows
three, four...
they weigh upon the heart
one upon the other
how to let go
of what has no form or substance?

after birth other births every day another
mystery revealed like a boy taking off
his clothes for the very first time

wanting to have it my way always it turns out differently
like the moon I expected tonight eclipsed amazing
the night sky crowded with stars beyond number

one banana
is all that's left to eat -
I peel back the spotted yellowness

The fates have smiled on me.
Fortune rolls in my favor.  The boy is mine.
You would not think to look at me
that I would be such a lucky man.

the daylight ends almost as soon
             as it begins -
sleeping late, winter solstice

The shore is built up
grain upon grain -
As your thought goes,
so goes your life

out in the winter brightness:
           the solitary road
stretches on and on

sunset at the beach
yesterday's problems still tossing about
               in my mind -
today's tide foams at my feet

One says, but he does not know
the other knows, but keeps it to himself
You'll know who knows
by how the word is revealed

we come from nothing we return to nothing
a life between two beats of a heart
listen put your ear to the test while you can

I've come to the end of this road -
fireflies now light the way

who can the poor man be
who strays from his own heart?
he tries to put his life back together again
but the pieces just won't fit
he goes through all the locks in the world
looking for the right combination

they're talking with two tongues
first they say white, then they say black
no counting on them to tell you
the colors of the rainbow

Waves close in upon the shore,
every rock thunders.
The night does not diminish
the foaming whiteness of the waves.

Only the towering redwoods outside my spring cabin
          will last longer than my love for you

The true word is one
Multiplied or divided by two, four or six
it remains one
A tree so tall no bird can nest
in its crown

So many takers,
but so few givers.
The earth spreads out her wares.
Until you've made the whole planet
your temple, you haven't
crossed over from ignorance.

I've seen ages gone by in a second,
known minutes that've lasted for years.
Hold the mind to one thing that's dear to you,
know it through and through.

mountains still, river bed almost dry
my feet kick up the dust walking upstream
through the noon day mexican heat

they're looking at me
as I walk away from looking at them -
bugambilias in bloom

alone at dawn sun rising on the distant
mountain range cocks crowing nearby
the morning star hangs just above the horizon
I've no cares and no duties nothing better
than just this to live for

the mind won't go away
the mind won't flee from its own devices
thinking, thinking, thinking
mind paces round and round
in the cage of its own making

I can't go on being who I've been
all impatience and stupidity
my words always at a loss
this head in my hands, so full of grief
this heart sunk to the bottom like a stone

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